COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

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COVID-19 Pandemic


Most recently updated: 2020.03.23


I thought I’d share with you a brief, curated list of resources. The list isn’t comprehensive; sometimes comprehensive can get overwhelming.  

Table of Contents

Table of Contents        1

General information        2

News coverage (free coverage re: COVID-19)        2

Benefits & Material Resources        3

General material resources        3

Unemployment benefits        3

Health insurance benefits        4

Technical resources        4

Zoom tutorials        4

GoogleDrive tutorials        4

Other resources        5

Understanding the “shock doctrine”        5

Imagining collective responses        5


Eric Hamako, Ed.D.

SCCFT President 

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 1950

Shoreline Community College Federation of Teachers (SCCFT)


Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2019-2022


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  1. General information

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  1. US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):
  2. WA State Department of Health:
  3. AFT resources on the coronavirus
  4. AFT Coronavirus lesson plans and resources
  5. AFT-WA COVID-19 Resources
  6. SCC Library Coronavirus Library Guide

  1. News coverage (free coverage re: COVID-19)

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  1. New York Times (free coverage of COVID-19)
  2. Seattle Times (free coverage of COVID-19)
  3. AFT e-newsletters
  4. The Stand newsletter (WA State Labor Council)

  1. Benefits & Material Resources

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  1. General material resources

  1. Seattle Times resources page
  1. (includes information about food, childcare, education, mental health support, and other resources)
  1. The Washington State Labor Council (WSLC, AFL-CIO)
  1. The Foundation for Working Families (FFWF), AFL-CIO
    “The FFWF is a nonprofit formed by the WSLC and its affiliated unions to assist union families in times of hardship or disaster” Hardship Assistance Request
  2. COVID-19 Resources for Workers
  1. Internet access
  1. Comcast is offering free internet for 60 days to low-income residence due to COVID-19:
  1. Unemployment benefits

  1. Washington State Employment Security Department
  1. The Washington State Employment Security Department has expanded benefits for workers. Eligible workers will be able to collect unemployment insurance if an employer must shut down or reduce hours due to public health rules, quarantine, or business slowdown. Visit for more information and to apply.”
  2. Also see ESD’s updates, which includes a chart that details coverage for various scenarios:
  1. AFT-WA unemployment benefits resources:
  2. Unemployment Law Project

  1. Health insurance benefits

  1. SEBB:
  2. PEBB
  1. Continuing eligibility for PEBB benefits during the COVID-19 outbreak
  1. Washington Health Benefit Exchange (special enrollment until April 8):
  1. Technical resources

  1. Zoom tutorials

  1. Zoom: “Zoom Video Tutorials”
  2. LinkedIn Learning: “Learning Zoom” (requires SCC sign-in)
  1. GoogleDrive tutorials

  1. LinkedIn Learning: “GoogleDrive Essentials” (requires SCC sign-in)

  1. Other resources

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  1. Understanding the “shock doctrine”

  1. Naomi Klein on “Coronavirus Capitalism – and how to beat it
  2. The Shock Doctrine,” a documentary
  1. Imagining collective responses

  1. AFT-WA’s Principles for Higher Ed Bargaining related to COVID-19

  2. Hayes, K. (2019, March 4) “Demands from grassroots organizers concerning COVID-19.”
  3. YES! Magazine
  4. Beautiful Trouble: A toolbox for revolution